commonplace books & the messy composition of self online

After reading Jose van Djick's very excellent breakdown of paper diaries and blogging, it strikes me that almost all of us participate in a kind of public blogging these days (buckle in for a bit of a stretch). What are Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, and Tumblr if not a kind of commonplace book? Capturing beloved articles, … Continue reading commonplace books & the messy composition of self online


Week 10 (?): Learning about Technopaganism

I read the chapter that Meg posted, titled β€œA Most Enchanting Machine,” and I have to say that I loved it! I found it really thought-provoking and interesting, partcularly the section regarding Technopaganism. Before I read this, I didn’t really see the connection between tech and Paganism, mostly because I thought of Paganism as an … Continue reading Week 10 (?): Learning about Technopaganism

Proposal: Interactive Fiction & Narrative-Style Gaming

My idea started as a grand exploration of interactive literature and how it may be changing reading culture. Through my thought process, this idea stemmed into an even grander question multifaceted about gameplay and narrative. After careful consideration of my many research questions, I came to "Where is the line between game and interactive literature?" … Continue reading Proposal: Interactive Fiction & Narrative-Style Gaming