Readings for Week 2

The readings for this week piqued my curiosity regarding the different methods that writers utilize while constructing their pieces. In Aimee Morrison’s “Suffused By Feeling and Affect: The Intimate Public of Personal Mommy Blogging” she discusses the “widespread use of pseudonyms” and the emphasis on “minimizing their visibility” and “keeping [their] writings secret from their ‘real-life'” (Morrison 38). I started questioning why we feel it necessary to protect the things we write from those that know us. The “mommies” are still producing a piece that will reach the general public, and yet they do not want them to know who the author is. If all these women are feeling as though their blogs would jeopardize “their standing or roles in [the] world” (Morrison 47), is there not a bigger question at hand? What is the subject matter that makes them feel as though this needs to be extremely privatized? I’m assuming that the mommy blogs have followers and even friends because their content is going to be relatable and honest about their struggles, therefore, if many people are feeling the same way, is that something that needs to be protected? It also sounded more complicated when the women tried to “manage the same dissonance when purely online relationships moved into the ‘real world'” (Morrison 48). I kept thinking to myself that a lot of sneaking around and concern over their identity could have been avoided if they took ownership over the pieces they had written in the first place.

I personally enjoyed the story about Shannon Smith from Canada who was asked to stop breastfeeding in public (Morrison 49). She utilized her blog to share her experience and to gain exposure for the injustices that were not only caused to her but to other women who may have endured the same situation. By not hiding her identity, she was able to organize an “offline, ‘real-life’ event, with more than one hundred mothers and their children” (Morrison 50). I found it interesting that Morrison decided to end her article with this story because I believe it argues the importance of making a stand for something you feel passionately about. One thing I took away from the article was that guaranteed there is someone else who has endured the same experience that I have, and writing is a way to connect to each other through those experiences, and there should never be any shame in that.

Morrison, Aimee. “Suffused by Feeling and Affect: The Intimate Public of Personal Mommy Blogging.”Β BiographyΒ 34.1. (2011). Print.


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