Marking up Dylan

Marking up Dylan

The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) is a major set of guidelines developed by the digital humanities community for encoding existing texts using XML. Most scholarly digital editoring projects encoding existing manuscripts or printed texts use the TEI schema to encode the materials in digital form. Text markup or encoding is one way, many digital humanists would argue, of paying close attention to a text, and indeed of engaging with questions about the nature of the text and textuality.

The video found here encodes a Bob Dylan song using the TEI.

Watch (and hopefully enjoy!) the video.

Then rewatch the video and do the following short assignment to test your understanding of what is going on:

Identify a range of different kinds of semantic markup in the video and give an example of each of the following:

  • a literary technique
  • a grammatical form
  • an editorial decision
  • an editorial note
  • an example of humourous tagging
  • what is being encoded here: the vocals or the text you can see in the video?

Note anything that strikes you as interesting about the markup or the overall project.
Record at least part of your answers in responses to this post (and note the timestamp in the video where the tagging instances occur) so we can discuss them. Bring your full list of responses to class.


One thought on “Marking up Dylan

  1. A grammatical form
    β€’ mention of nouns, adverbs, punctuation
    β€’ Verb β€œchew” 2:10 mins
    β€’ Root word- “pave” suffix “ment” Pavement .19 secs
    An editorial note
    β€’ “Warning! potentially tag abuse!” .13 seconds
    An example of humourous tagging
    β€’ Parking meters/Pawking metaws 1:40 mins


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