My Thoughts on Week 3

Being introduced to XML was an interesting experience (one that I do not 100% understand but was still enlightening). I have worked with HTML years ago, on my own accord, and I remember having to memorize numerous codes so that I wouldn’t have to constantly refer to my HTML list that I would have to obtain through another webpage (having to constantly switch windows was just downright annoying). And upon discovering XML earlier this week, it was magnificent. It seemed so much easier because the creator had the freedom to create their own language (more or less). You didn’t have to refer to a list of codes or even stick by them, you could decide what a tag should be named. I no longer design my own pages anymore, but to learn the existence of XML was still pretty mind-blowing (although far too complicated for me, and also for the fact that I neither have the patience or interest to delve into it further).

In terms of the demonstrations this week, they were both engaging! The Prezi presentation was interesting because even I learned new features about it that I was not aware of beforehand (although I personally had to use it once or twice in my life). But the discussion that followed after the presentation was also interesting because of how many people had to use it in high school or their teacher would, more or less, glorify it and encourage their students to use it for their own presentations. This was unfamiliar to me because all of my teachers would use PowerPoint (although not as often since we didn’t use much technology during our classes anyway). But to imagine Prezi as a grade-booster if it were to be used in your presentation, seems a bit ridiculous to me. Is it because it looks nicer than a PowerPoint? Is it because it has more features? Even if all of those questions were answered with a ‘yes’, doesn’t the content matter more than the aesthetics? Or has technology brought us to a point where we deem superficiality as a more valued aspect than the information that it contains? Anyway, it’s beyond me.Β In terms of the CWRC-Writer demonstration, it was interesting how everything could be tagged into categories (or whatever those tags are called) but it was kind of confusing. I found it to be cool but didn’t quite understand the purpose of it (I probably couldn’t grasp this because of how confusing markup is to me, much less the variety of languages you could use – I am not a tech savvy person). Although to see it all come to life was interesting.


One thought on “My Thoughts on Week 3

  1. XML is both super simple–follow a very basic structure for relating your tags and put your tags in angle brackets and you’re on your way–and quite complicated in terms of full implementations. The latter doesn’t need to concern you in a big way, but it sounds from this and other posts like the overall utility of XML and semantic tagging in particular is still eluding us a bit as a class. Hopefully, that will become clearer as we go, because it’s pretty fundamental to a lot of writing technologies these days.


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