Week 3: XML

Prior to watching the YouTube videos and reading the article, β€œWhat is XML and why should humanists care,” I had no former knowledge regarding XML. However, I found XML to be very interesting and a useful source of distributing data.

XML (Extensive Mark-up Language) is argued to be more progressive than HTML and therefore many people believe that XML should be more frequently used. Β XML also uses other novices like β€œText Encoding Initiative.” Β According to the video, β€œIntroduction to XML: The Basics Part 1,” there are several reasons why XML is the core of web development; β€œit has been proven to help information systems share structured data, is a media language that gives meaning to data that other applications can use, it uses application and platform development, it allows various types of data and is extensible to accommodate new tags and processing methods and allows user-defined tags”. In addition, there are many advantages of XML, β€œit is a simpler system, easy to understand and read, supported by many platforms, and is used across open standards.”

From the information I have gathered, I have found that initially learning XML may be difficult for a person with no prior knowledge of computer data. However, after researching XML and its uses, I found that learning XML is easily accessible on the Internet.

I found these two websites to be very help as they allow one to experience XML hands-on:



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