“As We May Think” ?

I’m not sure if I’m alone here, but I found this reading kind of weird. It seems like Vannevar Bush is pushing a little too hard to draw comparisons between the human brain and computers even though there are some major β€˜processing’ differences. Creative thought, for example, seems to be an exclusively human process with an inexplicable nature. However, Bush accounts for this kind of thought in his claim: “The repetitive processes of thought are not confined however, to matters of arithmetic and statistics. In fact, every time one combines and records facts in accordance with established logical processes, the creative aspect of thinking is concerned only with the selection of the data and the process to be employed and the manipulation thereafter is repetitive in nature and hence a fit matter to be relegated to the machine.”

I’m just not buying it. Was anyone else concerned with any of his claims? He does go on to say that the human brain works differently in that β€œit operates by association” rather than an alphabetical or numeric system, but I still think that some of the argument is a little far fetched. Maybe I just don’t like being compared to a computer. πŸ™‚


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