Butter Archive #7: My Cat Is A Cyborg

This happened today and I had to share it with our class:

My cat, in all her brilliance, has been teaching herself to use digital tools and messaged my partner on her own. I’ve trained her well. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 😺😺


4 thoughts on “Butter Archive #7: My Cat Is A Cyborg

  1. Your cat is beautiful and clearly very clever.

    IMG 2897 (1)

    Cats engaging with technology are very important. (He is actually watching the words as I type because he loves computer screens, but you can’t really tell from this shot.)

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  2. Fabulous!

    I knew dogs that could type a long time ago in Halifax. They were owned and trained by Elisabeth Mann Borgese, daughter of German novelist Thomas Mann. They were English setters and they wrote poetry. They were going to be featured on television but the producers lost interest when they saw that they typed with their noses.

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