Butter Archive #8

Let’s talk about the Storify reading this week on violence against women online. It sparked three specific thoughts:

  1. Clickbait – Clickbait is a reality of life on the internet. There is a limited amount of space on your screen, and so that real-estate can’t go to waste. Whatever is there wants your to click on it, and it massively backfired here. Titles are an important part in a body of work, does this click-bait thinking change how we write titles?
  2. Online harassment as not “real” harassment – this, at least to me, is linked to the stigma around mental abuse. The idea that unless something is physical it isn’t real, which is absolutely ridiculous. Even if a rapeΒ threat isn’t realized, it will still cause immense distress to the victim.
  3. The separation of online and offline – there seems to me to be an ever evolving and sliding scale of what’s real and what isn’t. If something is online, a lot of people seem to think that it doesn’t count. This could change what people would want to post online, therefore dictating how they write.

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