Week 5 Post: Violence Against Women Online

The purpose of Jacque Wernimont’s article, “A conversation about violence against women, “is to address “anti-feminist violence” that occurs online which Wernimont identifies as a “intersectional, decolonial, and anti-racist approach to their work.” After reading Wernimont’s article, it is evident that there are opposing viewpoints regarding online violence. The article shows that some people find online violence to be detrimental to the minds of women. However, the article found that the majority of people online do not believe that online violence occurs within society. It is evident that most people believed in a “ familiar trope that violence in digital culture, violence online isn’t “real” in some way. It’s just people being too sensitive, not knowing how to take a joke, etc.” Furthermore, Wernimont argues the “ad hominem statements and suggestions that the study of online violence isn’t legitimate.” It is evident that the article shows first hand how the majority of people feel about online violence. However, the article fails to show the repercussions of online violence.

Do you believe that violence online takes place? How can we address issues of violence online without being identified as “being sensitive”? Do you believe that people would consider violence against women online to be a serious issue if there were consequences for these actions?


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