Week 5 Posting

Scalar seems like a much more sensible way of presenting information than a static document. I love how well integrated the video clips are, and how realistic both authors were about expecting their readers to watch them all. The format also makes it really easy to go back and interact with individual components of the publications. The information is so wonderfully segmented and contained.

A few times while I was reading, I found myself wanting to argue with particular things that the author was saying, using the media clips that they’d provided. It was a little difficult to get used to that feeling, but I really like that this format allows for work to present arguments against itself within itself. It really breaks down the conventional and confrontational mode of static academic writing, where the work is expected to contain only a single viewpoint.

I’m really excited about the potential of this format! I feel like you could create some really interesting works of fiction with it, as well. What did you all think of it? Did you use the alternate view options at all? (I did, but only really briefly, to see what all of Anderson’s videos would look like against one another.)


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