Butter Archive #10: Long Form Argument

Sometimes the best thing to do is to admit defeat: I don’t fully grasp the concept of long form argument or the full purpose of Scalar.Β There has been no lecture on these ideas, although I’m sure one is coming on Monday, but out of context it was difficult for me to understand just exactly what purpose Scalar has. (And I’ve read through the “After the Document Model for Scholarly Communications” article twice, so I’m not just pretending to get out of reading stuff!) From what I gathered:
– one goal is to try and make information flow better
– another goal is toΒ make attribution better, which I think is a very difficult task; when, for example, on tumblr I see something I never know where the true source was… is this avoidable?
– another goal is trying to avoid “duplication,” but I don’t understand why duplication is a problem

The second reading was “Pathfinders” which I found very interesting. The idea of Digital Media Preservation isn’t one thatΒ I’ve everΒ encountered before, but one that makes a lot of sense. One of the things about digital writing and living is the fascinating paradox of permanence vs impermanence. We all know the maxim “once it’s on the internet it’s there forever” but it’s also true that websites die, servers die, and then things are lost forever. It’s good to hear that people are out there trying to preserve these important parts of history!


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