Long-Form Argument Readings (part 2)

The Pathfinders piece I found really interesting regarding the focus on digital literary preservation. Considering how rapidly technology evolves (thanks, Apple), I think it’s crucial to emphasize the importance of putting our energy into preserving digital works on programs that will, if not already, become obsolete. I think Pathfinders has the potential to save the future of digital writing; technology is not going to stop evolving, and productions today run the possibility of becoming irrelevant a decade from now if there is no platform to support it. Otherwise, we’d have this enormous digital literary graveyard where old works go to die and that’s just upsetting.

Shelley Jackson’s Patchwork Girl was so fascinating, and I loved the way the program was organized. Having the videos explain the way the content was meant to be displayed opened this new environment of digital literature that coincides with the concept of interactive literature that we are discussing later this week (I may have read a little ahead). I couldn’t help but notice the similarities in Jackson’s digital layout for her hypertext poem and the works in These Waves of Girls by Caitlin Fisher. They both incorporate a web-like system in which the reader can flow through the poems, piece by piece, as well as incorporating links of poems within those poems, taking you deeper into this rabbit hole of poetry. It’s so easy to become consumed in these pieces and I love the way that they have utilized interaction to enhance the viewing experience for its audiences.


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