Long-Form Argument

In the article, β€œAfter the Document Model for Scholarly Communications,” Sayers and Dietrich discuss various platforms used by humanities practitioners. They found that human practitioners have duties which include; β€œ1) facilitate the aggregation of web-based content 2) responsibility embed and share that content 3) interpret the content in a flexible and open way 4) identify and create relationships between the content and 5) to express those relationships through a variety of formats, genres, views and arrangements.” In addition, Sayers and Dietrich argue that default duplication is important for contemporary culture, especially in regards to materiality of digital content.

Furthermore, Sayers and Dietrich argue that the advantage of Scaler partnering is that it β€œencourages share-with-attribution practices, facilitated by the transfer of DC metadata.” As a result, Facebook users are able to share posts.Do you find online β€œsharing” to be beneficial? Did you find Facebook more enjoyable before or after the option of β€œsharing”?


One thought on “Long-Form Argument

  1. I do find online sharing to be beneficial, especially on social media sites because it allows users immediate access to information. However, I can see how problems may arise if users share information that has been altered, as this effects the credibility/validity of the information. I especially run into this problem on facebook when ideas/articles are shared that were not written by a credible source, or, the information was written by a credible source but the interpretation was incorrect– sometimes this becomes evident in the comment section of a share post.


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