Butter Archive #11: Interactive Video Games

I’m so excited by Wednesday’s readings.. because they didn’t really feel like readings! One of the main reasons I was excited to take this Digital Writing course was to explore the different modes that digital writing can take, and this is a fascinating exploration. Humans have been playing with form and differing ways of story-telling for a long time (for ALL time) and what computers allow us to do is very exciting.. they let us tell stories in totally unpredictable and highly customizable ways.

My main fear is that all of these examples (and others that I’ve seen) feel very abandoned,Β isolated, and gimmicky. They don’t really feel like a finished project, contrary to a book, for example. Could any of these ever really feel like the best way to tell a story?

My personal favourites were “Dragon Warrior Text Adventure” because I had to use my imagination to build the worldΒ and I felt very definitely like the main character, and “Project Rebuild” because it experimented interestingly with internet collaboration.


One thought on “Butter Archive #11: Interactive Video Games

  1. I was also a little worried about the less finished and gimmicky nature of some of this week’s readings.

    I think there are definitely ways to do interactive fiction which appear more consistent and cohesive — last year’s interactive fiction competition had some really good entries (With Those We Love Left Alive is so weird and great!!), and there’s always commercial games like Kentucky Route Zero, Gone Home or Gods Will Be Watching.

    I think there’s definitely a certain charm to interactive fiction that’s a little rough around the edges, though, and I can see situations in which that roughness would be the best way to tell a story.


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