Week 7 Thoughts

This weekโ€™s material really interests me because it is so creative in which you donโ€™t know where you will end up. I was trying to think of a how to describe the way These Waves of Girls links to different paths, and then it clicked when I read โ€œDragon War Text Adventure,โ€ where it talks about choosing your own adventure. I think choosing your own adventure is the perfect way to describe how These Waves of Girls is set up because different phrases lead you to different stories that all seem somehow interconnected. I think it is interesting that Nintendo Power chose to market โ€œDragon War Text Adventureโ€ by making it a โ€œchoose your own adventure,โ€ as if they somehow knew people would respond positively to it. โ€œChoose your own adventureโ€ makes me think of my childhood with those books where you could choose different situations in a story, which would lead you to a different outcome. It seems as though people like control over where they are going, which is why I think these types of interactive reading and games are so appealing. There is not one way in which you must go, but several different possibilities, which creates the appeal and fun. I would be interested to know more peopleโ€™s opinions on โ€œDragon War Text Adventure,โ€ as only three people left reviews. Has anyone ever played this game?


One thought on “Week 7 Thoughts

  1. Totally agreed! “Dragon War Text Adventure” was a lot of fun because it let me feel in charge – even though it’s just a giant elaborate chart, it didn’t feel that way – it felt like I was making important decisions!


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