Butter Archive #12: Outline and Digital Strategy


I’ve made my outline on Gliffy and it is available to view HERE.

Digital Strategy:

My goal with this project is to create a fully functioning, interactive, and cross-platformed ebook. My main hope with this essay, as stated in my pitch and outline, is to explore what ebooks are, what projects are currently being produced, and most importantly, why ebooks should be thought of as a medium separate (although definitely related) to physical books. I’ve decided, therefore, to be very meta and make an ebook. I want to incorporate multi-media aspects, (music, animations, images, hypertext) but it will depend on what I can figure out. I’ve never made an ebook, and it might prove impossible (or at least impossible forΒ meΒ in my short time crunch) to make some of these things come to fruition. I believe that this way of presenting and constructing my thesis is the most effective in proving it’s legitimacy: hypothetically you would be holding in your hands the very artefact I feel more attention should be focused on creating. It will allow me to better understand what goes behind creating an ebook, what challenges it creates, and what unique possibilities it offers.

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