Outline and Digital Strategy


I produced my outline on Gliffy, so the link to my outline is here. (Let me know if the link doesn’t work for some reason and I can send it again.)

Digital Strategy

I selected Storify for my final project mainly because I believe it is going to challenge me to turn to social media for current evidence of where my argument stands today. Storify gives me the opportunity to take my argument and make it aesthetically appealing to our generation because I believe the topics of pseudonyms and gender bias (in print or digital writing) are things that we should be made more aware of. I want to incorporate the voices of Twitter, as well as critics and modern writers that I have researched, to portray a range of views on the power of pseudonyms, past and present. Storify may not seem like the conventional choice for this type of project, but pseudonyms are not a conventional topic. Pseudonyms provoke controversial opinions and take on brave authors who are willing to tackle criticisms from the public eye.

The other component for my project, the creative experiment where I am writing on Medium under a male pseudonym, will link to Storify through the β€œembed URL” tab, which allows me to directly connect the two pieces. Medium was selected for the experiment because I will be comparing the pseudonym account’s statistics to my real and recent Medium account.

I did not select Storify because I thought it was going to be easy. I selected it because I wanted to challenge the conventional way I originally saw this project. I plan to utilize this platform to not only shape the way the project itself is presented, but re-shape the way I have learned to write digitally.


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