Outline & Digital Strategy

[[Here’s my outline.]]

Digital Strategy

I’m not particular sure what platform will best suit my project needs: I have hesitantly selected WordPress, but any ‘blog page’ like platform that supports video, gifs, images and significant amounts of text will do. Certainly, using WordPress feels like a cop-out. I’m tempted to use something that employs a less vertical (scrolling) reading method and a more spatially open structure: Prezi, for example. However, I don’t want to use Prezi since the project will still be text heavy and Prezi is unsuited for large amounts of text (better for presentation). Furthermore, I’m already very familiar with Prezi and it too would feel like a cop-out.

The biggest challenge I’d face with using WordPress is that WordPress doesn’t host its own videos which means I’d have to embed videos from elsewhere. Considering my topic is an analysis of a film that was just released, finding/uploading video files anywhere will be quite difficult and probably will require I make a specific video account elsewhere (probably Youtube since I’m more familiar with it). I will also have to be very careful so as to not infringe copyright laws.


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