Wanderlust: Outline & Digital Strategy

So my outline is completely old school (I do not have access to a scanner right now and don’t feel like illustrating it into a program because I always work with mind maps on paper much better than on technological platforms). It is a really rough outline and I didn’t include quotations, but hopefully you all understand the gist of my project.

Evernote Snapshot 20151028 214421

Digital Strategy:

I have chosen to use Postach.io as my digital platform to present my project on travel blogs. Postach.io transforms your Evernote notebook into a blog or website, therefore I would initially use my β€œWanderlust” Evernote notebook which would then automatically transfer its content onto my Postach.io blog. This blog acts as the final destination where my peers will view my final project. I decided to use this platform to present my research because I assumed that a blogging platform would be a fitting tool considering the topic that is to be explored. Through my personal travel blog, I used WordPress to illustrate my thoughts and photos, however I wanted to engage with a challenging and new environment. I have no experience with either Evernote or Postach.io, so felt it would be appropriate to explore this platform in the midst of constructing my final project. Postach.io appears to have a simple layout for its blogs, and dare I say similar to Subtle, while also possessing aesthetic qualities that can be appealing to a wide audience. Links and images are clearly displayed, as I have discovered in the testing of the program, and I believe its simplicity will succeed in getting my message across. This message being that the visuals and the simplicity in the layout of information are the most effective strategies in convincing an audience to travel, which I believe Postach.io will replicate in its presentation of my research.


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