Week 7 – Interactive Literature

The interactive literatures assigned for this week were really fascinating, I particularly enjoyed Flight Paths and These Waves of Girls. Flight Paths feels as though the reader has less control about where the story is going to end up (compared to TWoG), but the visuals really enhance the reading experience. The “Dark Mass” chapter captivated me the most, mainly because I enjoyed the way the author used different fonts to portray the voices of the two different characters, and I was almost finished it the first time before I realized it. Although they were short, the chapters were effective and powerful, and through the visual and aural representations I felt as though I was looking into a day in the life of these people.

These Waves of Girls (I don’t know why I struggle with that name so much, but I can never remember it) really drew me in through their content. I got caught up in the story and kept reading purely out of enjoyment. The reader is truly in control of the direction of the narrative, and although it appears (deceivingly) short, with the multitude of links in each poem it’s a piece you can’t get through quite as quickly as Flight Paths. Due to this, it brings the reader back, similarly to a novel, because you want to take that time to digest each piece, and dive further by going to the links that interest you. Initially I was overwhelmed with the amount of links in each poem, but I chose the ones that piqued my interest the most and drove myself through the narrative that way.

Project Rebuild was a really neat concept, and incorporating the idea of each poem being a “house” under construction painted a clear image. In the “About” page, the author explains, “The idea is to challenge the notion that the poems we write belong to us, that we are anything but temporary residents in the tenement house” which really struck a chord for me. I love this idea of creating poetry that is always evolving, always being interpreted differently, because I think too often (as writers) we feel too possessive over our works, and this site really gives us the opportunity to write and let go.

In terms of the games, I think I needed a clearer understanding of the point of them? Dragon Warrior unfortunately didn’t load properly each time I went to open it, which was disappointing because it seems like it was a fan favourite in our class. I’ve never read Tintern Abbey so I didn’t understand the context to the First-Person Shooter game, but I think I struggled with this one the most and how it is described as a form of literature (I just don’t get it). The Feminist Hero made me slightly depressed and I got really frustrated trying to get my girl to jump up to higher levels.

Did anyone find Flight Paths, These Waves of Girls, or Project Rebuild more effective than the other in terms of the technical ways they are presented? Did one make a longer-lasting impression on you? Why do you think that is?


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