Interactive fiction! Many links!


I ran across this today and I thought some people might be interested. Wordplay! It’s a free festival that will be held at the Toronto Reference Library on November 7th celebrating/discussing the use of words in games. Emily Short will be there doing an Inform workshop. Even if you’re not going to go, the site’s worth checking out because it’s got some interviews with creators and a list of all the games that will be there.

Here’s a printable card with some basic parser commands — really useful if you’d like to start playing parser fiction.

IfComp is an annual interactive fiction competition — they’ve also got a bunch of other information on their page, plus the winning games from previous rounds. (They’re doing judging for this year’s round, so if you woke up today wanting to make judgements, now is your chance.)

Here is one place you can show off your games, and look for other people’s games.

Also: I woke up today and realized I might not have actually explained where to learn how to write in Inform? Hopefully I did. Presentations are always a bit of a blur. Anyway, instructions and examples are in the ‘documentation’ tab on the side of either window.

Finally, I figure that if anyone wants they could upload their game as a comment to this post. I’ll upload the one I made during the demo.


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