Outline and Digital Strategy: Politics and Social Media

This is my outline:

Politics and Social Media Outline

Digital Strategy

For the presentation of my work, Politics and Social Media, I have debated between using various digital tools and platforms but I have decided to use Prezi, as I believe it will be the best option for my project. Furthermore, I have chosen to use Prezi because it is an effective digital platform that allows one to organize various ideas. For my topic, in particular, Prezi will be helpful in determining which elements of information are key for my project and which pieces of information can be removed from my work. I have also chosen Prezi because it is an efficient way to transfer information from Microsoft Word to Prezi.I have not chosen Prezi because I believe it will be easier than using other digital tools or platforms. I am not very computer savvy, and learning to use Prezi will be challenging educational experience.

I am interested in learning all of the elements of Prezi and ways in which I can create unique slides that will enhance my final project. For my topic, I will be able to show screenshots of political information, discussion and debates by using Prezi. I will be able to show positive and negative feedback from people on various social media outlets. In addition, Prezi will also be beneficial in showing the difference between positive and negative political advertising from political parties and party leaders.

I look forward to creating my final project on Prezi!


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