Thoughts on Week 8’s E-Lit

The “AH” by Y0UNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES was an interesting piece. I liked the simple black text on a white background but found it to be quite frustrating that the text moves along on its own time and speed. It wasn’t difficult to read everything before it disappeared into a new part of the sentence but I was just filled with this anxiety that I would miss something (and this perfectly links to the Network Effect – “In this sense, the project mirrors the experience of browsing the web β€” full of tantalizing potential, but ultimately empty of life. We do not go away happier, more nourished, and wiser, but ever more anxious, distracted, and numb”). But I did really like how the text changed along with the rhythm of the music in the background which I think adds an interesting effect to the overall narrative.

The Network Effect is something I really enjoyed! It kind of creeped me out that under the title it said “From your IP address, we can tell you’re from Canada where the life expectancy is 81.4 years” (or something like that, I no longer have access to the screen since it’s timed out!). And it is through this life expectancy that they use it as your timing window, so for me I had to wait 8 minutes and 14 seconds to see the next part of the project. But while you wait, you are able to manipulate with some things on the screen. You could move your mouse over the time window and it would transform into a bunch of different words or you could scroll up and down and be able to move the background pictures or hover over the “Network Effect” project title which would then move that around too. But you won’t know that this all happens unless you discover it for yourself. I personally can’t just stare at the same screen for 8 minutes (unless it’s a tv show) so while I had to wait, I moved my mouse around and this is how I discovered all of these cool effects that I could do on the waiting screen. But I also found that I would jump to other windows because I got bored of waiting. And then finally a new slide opens up with a quote in front of a background of moving clouds. And underneath the quote, it says “To see more, please wait 24 hours” and if I were to open it up in a new window, it would just update the time with the amount of minutes that have passed (I can’t escape it!). And this is what I found so interesting. This project looks at the psychological effect that the internet has on us and you can experience these effectsΒ for yourself just by testing out this project on your own (the project length is just as infinite as the internet itself). It was incredibly enlightening and I discovered how much more impatient I have become as my internet use increased AND THIS IS A SCARY REALIZATION. When I was younger without much access to the internet I would say that I was a more patient person. Now perhaps this is just coincidence that I have become more impatient as I got older but is it possible that my personality can shift (even the slightest) or change because of the internet? I mean, one’s environment can have a big effect on you, right? So what makes the internet any less different? The Network Effect mentions “We hope to find ourselves, but instead we forget who we are, falling into an opium haze of addiction with every click and tap” and I can completely relate to this statement. Unfortunately.

I do not have an iPad so I couldn’t gain the full experience of Pry but I did view the trailer, screenshots, demo, etc. and can get an idea of what this novella is about. I completely agree with Ariel’s post about interactive literature not having the physicality of books which explains their lack of popularity in academic learning. And it is through novella’s such as this one where they attempt to bridge that gap. You attempt to pry into a person’s mind through the use of your fingers to interact with the text (this includes: expanding, touching, crunching, unfolding, tearing, revealing the text). It is through these physical movements that I think gives this specific interactive literature the physicality (to an extent) that electronic literature lacks.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed all 3 of these different pieces! Maybe even more the previous week’s material! And I will definitely keep checking back on the Network Effect.


One thought on “Thoughts on Week 8’s E-Lit

  1. Hey Jacqueline!
    I completely agree with everything you said! I felt a sense of anxiety while watching “AH” and when it said “if your heart is racing just by reading these lines, it can happen to you but it won’t happen to them” it made me become conscious that my heart was racing while reading the words, which was a strange realization. By saying “it can happen to you but it won’t happen to them” creates a type of divide between “us” and “them” which felt uncomfortable. I felt like the contrast of the moving black words on the white background created a type of optical illusion, where if I stared at the screen for too long I felt like I couldn’t read, which was a very bizarre feeling to have.
    I too became impatient waiting for the 8 minutes and 14 seconds to pass on “The Network Effect.” I think the “haze of addiction” mentioned is like what I was feeling when I felt like I couldn’t read when viewing “AH,” as it was a very disorienting feeling, one I have never experienced while reading print. I definitely think the Internet effects your personality and the way you view things.


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