Week 8 E-Lit

I am loving the immersion into E-literature and being exposed to the different types of digital literature that I never knew existed before. Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to look at Pry, but I plan on taking my parent’s iPad to download it hopefully tonight because according to the trailer and screenshots it looks amazing. “AH” was the piece that I started with, and it felt like a good introduction to the other pieces. It seems like a basic concept (in terms of E-lit), but I felt like I had lost control as the consumer, and I was being thrown into the text with my hands tied. You can’t see how long each chapter (section? story?) is, so I listened/watched/read the first several minutes until the third or fourth “AH”. Looking back on the content essentially talking about being the “bad guy” where you feel yourself spinning out of control, it makes sense that the reader is only letting the text “happen” to us, similarly how it can feel like certain situations just “happen” to us.

The Network Effect was amazing. My mind was blown after I had gone through my 8 minutes and 14 seconds, and I had to share it immediately on Facebook to get my friends to see it as well. It’s so well done, from beginning to end. I don’t remember the exact wording at the beginning, but when it mentioned not being able to access it again for another 24 hours, for some reason I thought it meant the internet in general (don’t ask me why I thought that – it makes no sense). But I read it so quickly because that urgency was portrayed from the start (which led to my misreading of it) and then that became very intensified once I thought I wouldn’t have internet for 24 hours. BUT – I think it proved its point even further because of my reaction. We have been psychologically trained to feel as though we must be consuming information from the Internet as often as possible, and when we don’t have access to it we can often feel this anxiety or sometimes panic when we aren’t connected (sad, but true). When the site opened, there were so many things being thrown at me that it was sensory overload and it took me a minute to consume what was going on. After the 8 minutes were up, I read the “Learn More” portion, and the final message stating, “We need time and space and silence to remember who we are, who we once were, and who we can become” drove the whole point of the project home. It’s very eye-opening to the psychological state we have been placed in due to the Internet, but reminds us that the power to change that lies in every one of us.


2 thoughts on “Week 8 E-Lit

  1. We talked about this in class, but I’m really glad you mentioned being afraid that The Network Effect was going to shut down our internet completely. I wonder what the effect would be if it actually did cut our internet off?


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