Thoughts on Week 8’s Design Readings

So since we didn’t have time to discuss these readings in class on Friday, I find it more appropriate to create a post on it today. And then I will refer to this week’s actual readings before our Wednesday class.

DESIGN. That’s a term we are all familiar with, whether it be in application to the digital environment or through an artistic element that we have learned from our art experiences. And design is presented through a variety of interfaces. Drucker mentions how an interface is conceived as a dynamic space of relations (and is not just a ‘thing’). Interfaces help us to bridge the gap between the computer and ourselves, it helps us to make sense of things. Thus, which explains why I think interfaces are very important. Design is like an organized illustration of the content being presented, we need design to navigate through the endless void that is the Internet. It’s kind of like comic books! McCloud mentions how there’s different categories of connection, such as panel-to-panel which helps us distinguish the various moment-to-moment activity or action to action which illustrates the progressions of the story. Basically, the internet works the same way. We navigate from social networks to scholarly articles to videos. These all have their own categories of connection that we can relate back to McCloud’s categories with comic books.

The “Gendering the Technological Imagination” is another interesting article. It addresses an issue that I think we are all aware of, the fact that there’s a larger representation of men than women in engineering and science fields. Balsamo however mentions that “feminists need reliable maps and innovative tools to navigate the technocultural terrain”, which is where I think design comes in. Designing is the key process of technolocultural innovation. And as Barad states, “matter does matter”! And “the practices of designing literally make the material world intelligible”, I believe it is the lens we require when it comes to navigating any kind of material or medium, whether it be the internet or a book. Brown also states something similar, “through the practices of designing, cultural beliefs are materially reproduced, identities are established, and social relations are codified. Culture is both a resource for, and an outcome of, the designing process.”


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