Butter Archive #16: Video Games as Art?

Over the weekend I attended a literary conference in New York City (I’m sure you all missed me terribly <3). I had a few hours toΒ myself and decided to spend them at MoMA. Visiting art museums is always a good idea, but there was an exhibition in particular that made me hop up in excitement, that I wanted to share with our crew.

They had an area on video games! Which I think is super important, fascinating, and relevant to our studies. We’ve done a lot of talking about e-lit being gimmicky, and almost un-categorizable, and so the inclusion of video games in MoMA is, at least I think so, a big step forward for e-lit to be taken more seriously.

What was most interesting is that unlike a lot of the art that was extremely DO NOT TOUCH THIS FOR THE LOVE OF THE SUNS AND MOONS STAY AWAY, these games were asking to be played and explored and interacted with!

Here are some photos I took:

IMG_2754 IMG_2760


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