Fragmentary: Writing in A Digital Age

In Cunningham’s article, Fragmentary: Writing in A Digital Age, he argues that “fragmentary writing captures the tension between “digital” and “analog” reading better than anything else out there. And that tension, in many ways, is the defining feature of the contemporary reading experience.” According to Cunningham, digital media in all of its forms is fragmentary and that “long stretches of texts are broken up with hyperlinks or other interactive elements.”

Furthermore, Cunningham refers to Samuel Beckett’s text, “Texts for Nothing. He claims that the Texts stray away from the traditional sense, in that the Texts focus on images and symbols and often a “voice” behind each Text, rather than focusing on the “traditional” short story or essay.

Do you believe fragmentary writing is an effective form of literature? Do you believe that writing in the digital age strays from the “traditional” short story or essay?


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