Fitzpatrick and Authorship


For the majority of writers, blogs are very personal pieces of writing. Most writers are comfortable using various digital platforms in order to display their work to the public. Writers often publish their work under their own name or under a pen name. Due to the expansion of digital literature, many writers have become accustomed to online blogging. Some writers feel that blogging allows one to express his or her opinions freely on the Internet. Online bloggers are not subjected to the same restrictions as book authors who must seek the approval of a publishing company.

I found Fitzpatrick’s chapter, “Authorship” to be a very honest and truthful piece of writing. It was evident from Fitzpatrick’s work that she extensive knowledge regarding digital literature and its various forms. Personally, I found reading the document on Comment Press to very interesting. I have never used Comment Press before for my own writing and I found Comment Press to be a unique digital platform that I may use for my own literary work in the future. It is evident that Comment Press is different from other digital platforms. In addition, the structure of Comment Press differs from other digital platforms as it allows the author the ability to create chapters that are easily accessible to the reader. By clicking the various chapter titles, one can be immediately directed to different sections of the text while remaining on the same digital platform.

Writers tend to create pieces of literature with an intended audience in mind. Comment Press gives readers the opportunity to comment on another author’s work and provide the author with literary advice. Arguably, authors like Fitzpatrick use Comment Press with the intention of receiving positive and negative feedback on her work. This may help an author like Fitzpatrick make the necessary changes he or she needs to her piece of writing.

Do you believe that Comment Press is beneficial for writers? Do writers use Comment Press in order to receive constructive criticism from the other writers and the public?






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