Lim & Tampon Run + a note on “Distance Mirrors and the LAMP”

Distance Mirrors and the LAMP

A few people have quoted the  part of Kirschenbaum’s transcript “you didn’t have to worry about how many followers you had or if you were popular or pithy enough to be retweeted. You didn’t have to ask someone else if you could be their friend in order to converse with them” as evidence that the early internet was more about information than socializing. I personally, doubt that power-arrangements didn’t quickly develop or weren’t present. Perhaps though the earlier listserv’s platform didn’t support that kind of social development, or didn’t support it well. Kirschenbaum then notes, “Strange, down-the-rabbit-hole geographies of influence formed, where the mainstay of a list would turn out to be a graduate student, or an emeritus at an obscure institution in New Zealand” –a mainstay here means a cornerstone or base, in other words, there was some kind of distribution of power and the ‘mainstay’ instigator of a topic could be ‘strange’–someone unexpected, which therefore denotes expectations. You did not follow people or get followed, but you yourself were a follower of the ‘list’–so you were subscribed. The change is that nowadays we follow individuals than groups. Even information exchange is a social process, mostly because by nature, we are social creatures. Even the absence of socialites, say a plain email with just a file, has a social affect by the act of not saying anything else.

Tampon Run high score 109 yeaaahhh

First off this game reminds me of my one favourite vines:

WordPress embeds vines. I just discovered.

It’s fun and I enjoyed the opening commentary or instructions. I don’t believe you can’t skip them so I wouldn’t necessarily consider ‘extraneous’ to the game, but text, rather than paratext. Okay you CAN skip them, but they are part of the game, rather than say, Lim where the game itself has no description or introduction: the two are keep on separate pages.


I read the description & instructions and was a little doubtful: violent? Ok, I suppose: then I played the gamer. Honestly–when prepped by the description blurb (I can’t say how I would react without the contextualizing blurb) I really felt as though I was experiencing a kind of violence. You’re only ‘power’ is to blend. You can’t fight back (I tried). You can ‘run away’ and blend.

I’m not sure how I died. For one thing the shaking got very bad and the noise very loud as I was boxed in on all sides by the squares  and then–nothing. It went all black. There were no words to tell me what had happened. No ‘would you like to play again’? How’s that for atheistic. But why did I die? My square had changed to the same colour as the opposition squares–but they attacked me anyways, surrounded me, and after much struggling, shaking, and screaming, I died. I couldn’t even seem at that point to change the colour of my square to anything else, but other times the game automatically changed the colour of my square without my input to blend in–so the mechanics were a little odd on that part.

I’m currently trying again and I’m stuck in a path: regardless of what colour I am, the damn other block won’t move. So there are, I think some design errors to make out.

When you blend, there is low repeated thud noise, a beat, and the camera zooms in on the square. I definitely got the sense that my square was feeling stressed, and started to understand what the description had meant by the “violence of blending”. When you zoom in, you lose track of your surroundings, the path you need to take,and what obstacles lie ahead: which reminds me of how it feels to be very stressed and isolated–you become disoriented, lose sight of the bigger picture, and become lost. Psychologically the game can be very stressful–but would this affect be there without the description and priming of the player?

And I have to ask more questions about Lim. Tampon Run seems pretty straight forward—I doubt it has an end. You probably just keep going and going , but does Lim? Does the maze go on forever or can I actually be free of it?

Update: I had refresh because that block wouldn’t move. Now another blue block has chased me to a different section WHERE THAT BLOCK DOESN’T EVEN BELONG and is blocking my path AGAIN. YEESH. I give up.



One thought on “Lim & Tampon Run + a note on “Distance Mirrors and the LAMP”

  1. I too would be interested to know if anyone has “won” Lim. I’ve got myself boxed into a section of the maze entirely, so I’m alone without any bullies around. I’m safe but I can’t progress. (I am just getting my 15-yr-old gamer son to play it right now without reading the paratext–and he’s using the word bullying without having been primed, though he does use the word bullying rather a lot without any real precision, so it’s not conclusive.) I’ve also been pushed through the walls of the maze and so again ended up safe but stuck on the outside.

    I find the sounds and the action very visceral: I’ve literally jumped when I’ve been attacked by the other blocks–even when I knew to expect it. I found it very stressful (my son has just commended that it is very stressful too, “even though I don’t understand it”).

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