Week 11 Games

I’m not going to lie – playing Tampon Run in public was a little worrying. I’m pretty sure the people at the table behind me think I have a weird taste in video games.

BUT! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at both games. Tampon Run made me feel empowered (yay feminism!). The introduction was creative and impactful; guns and violence are less taboo than a natural function that happens to every woman. It’s interesting putting it in that context. The game itself was very straightforward, and I think you could understand the point of the game without the introduction (even though I really liked it).

Lim, on the other hand, definitely was more “metaphorical” than Tampon Run. I read Ariel’s blog post before I opened the game, so I knew to read the description first (thanks girl!). But I wonder how I would have interpreted the game if I hadn’t read it. It actually reminded me of a game I used to play when I was little (I can’t remember the name for the life of me). Point being, it’s different taking this type of “text” and reading into it, whereas video games are normally something you don’t analyze. You just play them. I feel like another realm has been opened to me. Lim villainized the term “blend”. I was saddened every time I had to “blend” in order to stop getting hit. Why can’t I just be this colourful, square being? But this isn’t news to me – society will push out the ones who “stand out” for not blending in (the sad state of society today). Why did this game make it so much more obvious, then? Why/how did it make me more aware of something I already knew? I’m fascinated by the power that a video game can have. I think Lim represents the possibilities digital platforms like video games can have, and the impact they can hold.

In this light, can we examine popular video games to see the way society is portrayed (negatively or positively)?


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