My Thoughts on Week 11’s Games

I completely forgot to create a post about this last week so I am going to do that now.

I REALLY ENJOYED THIS WEEK’S GAMES. Sure, I didn’t play them for that long but I did read their introductions and just really connected with the issues that they were discussing.

Tampon Run: Menstruation really is such a hidden topic in our society isn’t it? It’s like there’s this unsaid rule that we shouldn’t talk about it in public, not even with our fellow female friends and ESPECIALLY boys. I never quite understood this. And I even realized that I would be shy to talk about it (but I’ve thankfully grown out of this). I remember in past discussions I would tend to say my “woman time”, it’s like I had the biggest struggle to say PERIOD. It was so easy for me to say “oh yea, you need a period at the end of that sentence” but god forbid that I say “HEY GUYS, I’M ON MY PERIOD”. It’s messed up really. And I really liked how this game addressed this issue in regards to relating it back to how we are open about discussing violence and guns and it appears in a bunch of our video games and other cultural references, BUT ARE PERIODS AND TAMPONS TREATED IN THE SAME WAY? Heck no. So I found this game opened up that territory beautifully.

I think my favourite part about this game is that it echoes back to retro games. WHICH ARE MY FAVOURITE. They follow a similar graphics concept, choice of music, and the fact that the game has a sole objective which many of the older games tended to do, which is to shoot at your enemies and destroy them before they destroy you. The music and graphics also reminded me of the older Pokemon games that I used to own on my Gameboy Color (which I still have) which is another reason why I enjoyed it so much.

I also really liked how this game was created by two female creators (girl power!). And the intertexuality with their “profiles” is quite clever. DID YOU NOTICE CHEWBACCA? Very nice touch.

And one last point. The fact that this game is free is great, but Ariel brought up a really good point. SHOULDN’T TAMPONS ALSO BE FREE TOO? #ArielForPresident

LIM: Now this was another great game. Although it did give me a heart attack when I first got attacked because I didn’t expect the sound to be so loud CONSIDERING HOW SILENT THE GAME IS OTHERWISE. This is another game that points to violence and how it can occur whether you stand out or blend in, only when you are with your same coloured squares are you actually safe. And this can refer to a lot of contemporary issues that we deal with in our society today. But before class, I was talking to Ariel and she mentions how we both struggle with this concept, the ability to be able to belong to our own one coloured square. We are both mixed so obviously parts of our families are of different ethnicities to each other. We can’t really belong to one half more than the other. We can’t blend in with them either. So either way we stand out from both sides of our families, and in turn, we stand out in society. You have no idea how many people have called me “exotic looking” or said that “I look prettier than if I were to be full asian or full white”, it’s quite surprising and also pretty sad. So I really connected with this game on a personal level which I am sure we all can to a certain degree.


One thought on “My Thoughts on Week 11’s Games

  1. Thanks, Jacqueline, these are great observations. I do think the aesthetics of Tampon Run are fun: funny how “retro” lends itself to indie game design because it’s easier to do. And it is amazing how Lim manages to mobilize identification through the most abstract of game properties: a coloured square.


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