Tampon Run

I personally found β€œTampon Run” to be an interesting game. It reminded me of Dare Night in high school when one of our tasks was to stick tampons and pads all over the guys cars and some of their car paint came off when they ripped off the pads and tampons! (Oops!) I think that Tampon Run had an intended purpose, which showed men that women have menstrual cycles and it is a part of life. Having grown up playing sports, I found that the majority of girls just told each other when they had their periods so others would leave them be in the dressing room. (Our team tended to prank each other regularly and we knew that if someone was on their period, it was best to leave them alone). When I played hockey in high school, all of the girls on my team talked freely about their periods on the bench or in the dressing room and it often scared away our male coaches (who were our Dads). Although the game does not give factual information about tampons or periods, I think that games like Tampon Run are important because they create positive discussions about menstruation.

I think high school students, male and female, should have to play the game in order for the discussion of periods to become more accepting in society. However, I think that maturity tends to grow with age. I think the majority of adult men would probably laugh at the game, rather than criticize the game or become uncomfortable with the topic of menstruation. Therefore, the game should be used to teach teenage boys that periods are not β€œgross” but a part of the reproductive system.


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