My Thoughts on “Writing in the Digital Age”

What I learned from this class:

  1. Digital writing is more than just writing on the internet (or should I say Internet). We learned about different kinds of interfaces, languages (XML, etc.), and concepts that go into digital writing. There is so much that we could talk about!
  2. Video games are more than just games! This class made me reconsider the textual aspects behind games and has definitely given me a new appreciation for Grand Theft Auto 5, haha.
  3. Brilliant programs such as Zotero! I now use this whenever I have to write a bibliography (it makes my life so much easier).
  4. Terminology matters. Internet or internet. E-books or ebooks. WHO KNOWS. But that’s what we got to figure out.
  5. It has transformed the way we look at writing (and how we do it too!), my project on travel blogs has made me reconsider travel writing and the differences it possesses in comparison to travel writing online. THERE’S A HUGE DIFFERENCE.
  6. Digital writing as a research topic is still brand new! Which I guess is not so surprising considering it started only a few decades ago. Reading through my travel blog articles, a common statement was how research on travel blogs and its readership and authorship is still lacking in research!
  7. Digital writing is a sharing experience! You can get other people to edit an article through comments and suggestions by posting it online before it’s a finished product (work in progress is okay too!) or even if that collaboration takes place in person! Which we experienced with the peer edits on our projects.
  8. It is so relevant to where we are at in terms of the progress of technologies and publication on the internet that we should take the time to learn about all of the subjects we touched on in to greater detail. We are in the internet age so we should know more about it!

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