WHAT A JOURNEY* WE’VE BEEN ON. As I mentioned throughout our course, I’m extremely disappointed by theΒ lack of digital courses in English programs – we write all of our essays on a computer, we find our articles online, we read a lot of our texts as e-books, we complain about all of that work on social media… why aren’t we learning more about how the digital affects and changes our writing?!

The biggest “breakthrough” moment for me was during Matt’s presentation when she led us through creating our own interactive fiction. I realized with astonishing power how different digital writing can be, what it can accomplish that other forms of writing can’t, and how it should be explored and celebrated.Β I also really enjoyed writing our first paper, on exploring a type of social media. I discussed how instagram is not built for sharing writing but how communities of writers ARE using it for that function and how subversive and effective it is. I thought the exercise of really zooming in on a platform that I use everyday was very useful and interesting and a fun way to start the course. I felt that one of the most exciting parts of the class were when we examined different forms of e-lit (such as ‘AH’ or Lim or Project Rebuild). I enjoyed the conversations we had about how we thought those mediums worked for storytelling and how they affected us personally. It’s been excellent digging through parts of the internet that I wouldn’t usually go to and to more deeply examine the parts of the internet I DO use.

As for constructive criticism: I think there was one presentation too many. I think my project was still too much in the early stages during the lightning presentation, and didn’t change enough between that presentation and the workshop presentation. I found the workshop presentation more helpful! I found the XML part of the course very confusing, but Susan you mentioned that you also felt we could have explored that in a different way.

I want to thank everyone for being so interesting during conversations, doing such a great job during your presentations, and for tolerating my absolute insanity. So glad that most of us will be reunited for poetry exploring a whole new medium! Maybe we’ll find cool ways to make poetry with digital tools… 😏 (Maybe I should write a poem MADE OF EMOJI. I THINK I MAY HAVE HIT GOLD HERE, FOLKS.)

I can’t believe I’ve written 19 of these posts! That’s so much! Thanks “WritingintheDigitalAge” for being my constant companion!

*I used this gif because it’s a video game called “Journey” so it was a play on words and our course themes, but just realized it’s a really great game you should check out!



  1. Thanks for the feedback. I agree that there was one presentation too many. Some people said in class yesterday that they did find feedback at that point useful: they (and you for that matter) really reoriented their projects as a result of the feedback they got. I wonder about substituting a pitch one-on-one to me for the lightning presentations: I think the feedback that comes out of a conversation is sometimes more useful than written feedback, but if it was to be done during an extended office hour session it wouldn’t eat up so much class time. What do you think?


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