Final Post!

This has been an interesting course!

I really enjoyed the theoretical material that we looked at early on in the course β€” Of Writing Machines and Scholar-Gipsies is the one that has stuck with me the most.Β  (Here’s a video of the automaton, in case anyone is interested!) The work on PDFs was also unexpectedly fascinating. It’s definitely changed the way I think about literature, digital or otherwise. Other courses have talked a lot about how format and structural constraints change the way we think while we read β€” this one has made me think a lot about how they change the way we think while we produce.

For the eLit, I loved the Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries work, and I’m looking forward to going through their other things during the break.

I liked the first assignment a lot. It was fun to do, and it was a great way to be use some new tools and apply our new theories.

I also really loved being able to look at each other’s work! At first, it was definitely intimidating to know that our classmates would be looking at what we were doing, but it also made polishing the final product feel more important and useful. It was so cool to be able to see other people’s projects! Usually, even in seminar projects, we’re all a little isolated with our own essays and assignments.

I also think it would be good to reduce the number of presentations. They were interesting, and I loved seeing what everyone is working on. They do take a lot of time to prepare for and present, though, and I would have liked more class time to discuss the readings. I also would have liked a little more time to muck around with the early stages of the project before committing to something.

I love the flexibility that working in on digital platforms has provided (and will provide in the latter stages of our final project). Writing for and on digital platforms definitely come more naturally to me than working on static text, and it’s been great to be able to present academic material in that space and mode. It’s even been useful for other classes, because it’s exposed some limitations in the format that I don’t think I would have otherwise noticed.


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