Reflection on “Writing in the Digital Age”

One of the most useful things β€œWriting in the Digital Age” has taught me is how XML and HTML works. I have never worked with either markup language prior to this course, but I view it as a very powerful tool to understand. From my new knowledge of these markup languages, I now know how to manipulate some sites to my preference. For example, at the beginning of the course I struggled with indenting paragraphs on WordPress. I googled the code to insert into the HTML to force my posts to stay indented once published. (Of course as I say this I now cannot get these paragraphs to stay indented! I swear I got it to work when trying to have the subsequent lines of references stay indented haha). I would have never known how to do this if we didn’t learn about the markup language. I think this knowledge will prove to be valuable, especially if I decide to work in the publishing field. It was kind of fun. I enjoyed that little game we played with the Bob Dylan song. However, I would have liked to spend a little more time on markup languages just to really explore and grasp the concept more fully.

I also now realize how important and helpful peer editing and peer feedback are. I really found the lightning and projects presentations valuable, as they allowed me to see what my project looked like from another point of view. My peer’s comments and suggestions helped me work through issues I was struggling with, and pushed me to think further in order to take my project to the next level. Speaking of presentations, I really enjoyed the demos as it allowed me to get a quick, but quite thorough, understanding of how multiple platforms work, what they have to offer readers and writers, and what it means to write digitally. I thought it was very interesting to look at the writing space provided by each platform, and how it affects the writing process. I agree there may have been one presentation too many in such a short period of time, but I honestly don’t know which one I could have gone without.

I loved the interactive literature. These Waves of Girls was my personal favourite, even though at times I found the linking confusing. I found the content interesting, and I liked close reading how the backgrounds of the text connected to the text.

Lastly, I think the final project really helped me to understand how different digital writing is. I enjoyed creating my final project, even though at times I was very frustrated with it, but I think it proved to be important. I also now know I can write 3500 words of valuable information, and organize my thoughts on a digital medium in an effective manner.

Thank you to everyone for a great semester!


One thought on “Reflection on “Writing in the Digital Age”

  1. Thanks, Lara, for this feeback. I totally agree that the XML section was too rushed and we needed a bit more time on it. My bad. But I’m glad you feel you have a general understanding of how markup works; that was the main thing. And knowing that will prove useful in a whole range of contexts and future job situations: it’s the backbone of networked textuality.


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