The Final Post

I have never been very interested in computers, digital writing or digital platforms. (I don’t even have Facebook). However, I found this class to be very personally rewarding. Before I took this course, I was not familiar with any of the digital platforms we have discussed in class, other than maybe Facebook. I think it is safe to say that before taking this course, if someone asked me to give an example of a digital platform, I would respond by saying, β€œWhat is a digital platform?” I have learned more in this course than I could have possibly imagined. This class has taught me about various online platforms that have become useful in my personal life and in other classes. I think that it is fair to say that I have learned more in this course than I have in many, if not all, of my other university courses.

I found my demo to be my β€œbreak though moment” in this course. I have never used Scalar before and I found the platform to be very interesting. Although using Scalar is often challenging, I have learned that one has to be very patient when learning the various functions of an online platform. I also found peer editing to be very helpful in developing my final project. Jacqueline suggested many great ideas that allowed me to elaborate on ideas and understand politics from a different perceptive.

I think that if I had to choose a project to eliminate, it would be lightening presentation. At that point in the course, I was not certain on the material I was writing about for my final project. The lightening presentation was a start for many of my ideas including my theme, β€œPolitics and Social Media,” however, I think that the class time could have been used for something more effective later on in the course such as peer editing.

I have enjoyed developing my final project. I think that choosing my own topic allowed me to remain interested in my topic throughout the whole project and allowed me to learn about a topic that genuinely interests me. I think final projects with choice would be very beneficial for other students in the future.

It was great to meet all of you and listen to your opinions on digital writing. Have a wonderful Christmas break!!!!!


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