The Grand Finale

What a semester! It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions and late night writing, but at the end of the day I have really appreciated what we’ve learned in this course.

  1. Literature can take shape in many different forms. Like video games! I never considered a video game to be a type of literature that can be analyzed until this class.
  2. Different digital platforms afford different types of writing. I think this can be proven with our digital strategies – some worked more than others, but we didn’t know until we tried.
  3. XML is hard.
  4. Peer editing is something to be valued, not feared. We don’t have the opportunity to peer edit too often in our English classes. The collaborations were so helpful, especially when it came with added suggestions we may not have thought of ourselves.
  5. Digital writing is something we will be seeing more of. I will absolutely be putting this course/project on my resumΓ© to show future employers that we took the time to master writing on a specific platform. It was great to start that preparation while we’re still in school, with the opportunity to really dive into different topics. This course will be benefitting us in the long run.
  6. Interactive literature and e-literature are incredible ways to hail readers. Pry was probably my favourite piece that we looked at. Texts do not have to be linear. Technology is advancing at such a fast pace, and there’s no reason literature can’t evolve as well.
  7. Butter/Suet sculptures are awesome and I wish there were more in the U of G archives.

I really have enjoyed our class time and discussions with everyone; this wouldn’t have been the same experience without you guys! This course was really eye-opening for me in terms of what is possible through digital writing. The world is our oyster! And it’s right at our fingertips.

Can’t wait to be reunited in the poetry class! Happy holidays everyone!!


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