The Final Project!

Here is the link to my final project!

A HUGE thank you to Chelsea and Professor Brown for taking the time to edit my project. It helped significantly knowing the next steps I needed to take for the final draft. So thank you, again!

For the final digital platform reflection, I couldn’t work it into my project, so I’m going to be putting it below.

Also, due to the issues with formatting on Storify, my Works Cited at the end of my project could not be double spaced or indented. I have attached the Word Document of my Works Cited here, in theΒ proper format.
ENGL4310 Works Cited

Along those lines, my block quotes could not be properly formatted on the project (I couldn’t indent them). But I allotted a different paragraph for them, to make them stand out.

Thank you, Susan, for a great semester, and I hope everyone has a great winter break!

~~~ Reunited in Poetry 2016 ~~~

Digital Platform Reflection

Starting my writing process on Storify was an interesting experience. For the first draft, I wanted to really get a sense of the platform and a sample of how the final product would look. I started writing directly on Storify, without the use of a Word Document. As I reached the second or third paragraph, I realized a few setbacks. One: I had no spellcheck. Two: I had no word count. Three: I could not indent. And four: I could not change the fonts.

Realizing this, I started writing on a Word Doc and decided to copy and paste each individual paragraph. Not because I wanted to, but because Storify is designed to set up separate paragraphs, rather than one long continuous post. Although tedious, this helped me in the end. I was trying to keep in mind the format of Storify as I wrote on a Word Doc, trying to break up my paragraphs in a way that fits with Storify’s format. It also helped me slow down. It made me examine the project piece by piece and try to make one part flow into the next as smoothly as possible.

In this way, the platform definitely influenced the way I was writing. I did not want the final product to look like a giant wall of text. I incorporated Gifs, images and tweets sporadically, which I would not have done on an average essay. I wanted to make the project interactive so I included links to articles and my own pseudonymous blog. Storify made the social media section and additional components the easiest to produce. I had access to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Tumblr, and other sites on the same page as my editing screen. I did not have to search through separate accounts and sites on other windows. It was right there in front of me. And there was no better way to explain the Pseudonyms and Social Media portion than simply showing the evidence. For this alone, I was happy I picked Storify.

Overall, I am more than happy with the way the project has turned out on Storify. No platform is without its challenges and I definitely had a few to work through. But I now have great comfort with this platform, and I hope I have the chance to use it again.


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