Finally, it is over!Β Here is my Scalar project, “Why Canadians Chose Justin Trudeau.”

Thank you to Jacqueline for editing my paper and to Professor Brown for the positive feedback and support on this assignment!

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday! πŸ™‚

Digital Platform Reflection: ScalarΒ 

After completing my final project, I have learned that Scalar is a very complex digital platform. One major problem I came across was trying to create pages. After trying to open Scalar Webinar videos with no success, I decided to simply number my pages and it worked! Another problem I came across was trying to fix the spacing problems that frequently would occur when using Scalar. In my project, in the middle of a paragraph, there is sometimes a space. I could not figure out how to remove this space! I also had to add bullets to my bibliography in order for the lines to space properly. If not, the whole bibliography would become one paragraph which was somewhat frustrating.

Although I found Scalar to be very challenging, I would not have chosen another digital platform for my final project. Although Scalar posed several stressful problems, I was able to overcome the majority of these problems and create the project I had envisioned in the beginning of the course. My main goal in using Scalar was to create a project that allowed text and YouTube videos to coincide in the same platform. Unfortunately, I could not upload any Facebook discussions or Twitter discussions. Every time I tried to open a discussion on the platform, two things occurred, the text box went completely black or nothing happened at all. Other Scalar users seemed to be puzzled by this as well. I think that if I were to use Scalar in the future, I would try to sign up for an online Webinar in advance. It seemed that people online who used Scalar, did not really know how to fully use the online platform.

Before entering this course, I did not know anything about digital platforms. This course has taught me various ways in which I can write digitally and publish my work. Scalar is one example of a platform that allows people to publish their literary works for FREE and I have enjoyed being a part of the Scalar community!


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