Reading the Cards


Here is a link to my final project. Thank you to Ariel and Susan for editing my project. Have a great holiday, everyone!


Digital Reflection

As always, there are many things I would do differently if it were possible to begin this project from the start!

The number one thing I would change is the platform. Initially, I had the idea that I would use Tumblr’s tags in order to create a project that could be navigated in a non-linear format. In the end, however, that was too confusing for this project’s purpose. I ended up putting everything into a relatively linear format, and in doing so I had to cut and amalgamate a lot of of the posts, so the tags aren’t nearly as useful or necessary as I thought they would be. You can still navigate by tags through the header, but it’s no longer fundamental to the project’s form.

The biggest problem with Tumblr is that it’s impossible to alter the post order once something is online. This was a much larger disadvantage than I’d expected. Given infinite time, I would attempt Scalar, or go back to Twine.

With that being said, working with a platform to do something it wasn’t specifically designed for was an interesting challenge, and I think I learned a lot from it.

(If professors also had infinite time to mark work, I would have published everything through TinyLetter β€” I think it would be really interesting to experiment with a serial essay! I wasted a lot of time trying to make this work, but it’s very impossible.)

As a final note, I used Chrome while I was putting this project together — Firefox seems to generate a small broken image link at the top of the header. Hopefully that’s just a problem with my computer, but in the future I’ll remember to check cross-browser compatibility much earlier in the project.

Overall, this has been a really interesting course. There are a lot of platforms that I’m looking forward to trying out during the holidays. I’m also really looking forward to reading everyone’s projects!


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