Week 12: What Writing Means in the Digital Age

Having to work on a project within an unfamiliar digital platform has forced me to reflect on the process of writing digitally. I found that because of the number of times I had to reformat or redo certain sectionsβ€”mostly due to issues with transferring my text onto the website itselfβ€”I spent a lot more time working on my arguments than I normally would. Basically, working within a platform that I’m unfamiliar with has forced me to look over my work more often. In addition, writing with this digital platform has allowed me to make arguments that I would not have normally made because of the flexibility of media. Engaging in close readings of different posts on a large variety of social media platforms would be more difficult if I were working on a word-processing program or something similar, which would likely constrain how I could construct my arguments. However, that being said, for the most part my process of writing stayed pretty much the same. I followed the same steps in putting together my project, where I did all of my research, established general headings and wrote notes as an outline, then fleshed out those notes into full sentences and paragraphs. For me, writing digitally is having the largest impact when it comes to publishing and formatting, rather than the actual writing.

How did writing digitally change your writing process? Did you find that writing digitally gave you more freedom or constrained your writing more?


One thought on “Week 12: What Writing Means in the Digital Age

  1. This is fascinating! So then do you think of reviewing arguments as part of the publishing and formatting component of the process, rather than the writing component? In what way did reviewing your arguments more impact on the final outcome?


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