Author: SpaceGhost

The Final E-SSAY Wow, do you know long it took just to get a working link to Scalar? First draft issues all over again! Word to the wise: don't use ampersands in your Scalar book titles--the world isn't ready for it. Given that some of the Youtube videos on Scalar are set to private to avoid the … Continue reading The Final E-SSAY


Lim & Tampon Run + a note on “Distance Mirrors and the LAMP”

Distance Mirrors and the LAMP A few people have quoted the ย part of Kirschenbaum's transcriptย โ€œyou didnโ€™t have to worry about how many followers you had or if you were popular or pithy enough to be retweeted. You didnโ€™t have to ask someone else if you could be their friend in order to converse with themโ€ … Continue reading Lim & Tampon Run + a note on “Distance Mirrors and the LAMP”


mentary writing. "While making my way through the book," Cunningham writes, "I found myself copying out Shieldsโ€™ most interesting fragments into a separate notebook; when I want to โ€œrereadโ€ Reality Hunger, I simply look at my own, private version instead" Here Cunningham is discussing the fragmentary nature of writing and memory. At first I dismissed … Continue reading Frag-