Author: SpaceGhost

The Final E-SSAY Wow, do you know long it took just to get a working link to Scalar? First draft issues all over again! Word to the wise: don't use ampersands in your Scalar book titles--the world isn't ready for it. Given that some of the Youtube videos on Scalar are set to private to avoid the … Continue reading The Final E-SSAY


Lim & Tampon Run + a note on “Distance Mirrors and the LAMP”

Distance Mirrors and the LAMP A few people have quoted the Β part of Kirschenbaum's transcriptΒ β€œyou didn’t have to worry about how many followers you had or if you were popular or pithy enough to be retweeted. You didn’t have to ask someone else if you could be their friend in order to converse with them” … Continue reading Lim & Tampon Run + a note on “Distance Mirrors and the LAMP”


mentary writing. "While making my way through the book," Cunningham writes, "I found myself copying out Shields’ most interesting fragments into a separate notebook; when I want to β€œreread” Reality Hunger, I simply look at my own, private version instead" Here Cunningham is discussing the fragmentary nature of writing and memory. At first I dismissed … Continue reading Frag-