Author: danielledifruscia

The Final Project! Here is the link to my final project! A HUGE thank you to Chelsea and Professor Brown for taking the time to edit my project. It helped significantly knowing the next steps I needed to take for the final draft. So thank you, again! For the final digital platform reflection, I couldn't work it … Continue reading The Final Project!


The Grand Finale

What a semester! It's been a roller coaster ride of emotions and late night writing, but at the end of the day I have really appreciated what we've learned in this course. Literature can take shape in many different forms. Like video games! I never considered a video game to be a type of literature … Continue reading The Grand Finale


I came home after class and saw that my mom purchased a new cookbook and I thought it was pretty relevant to our discussion of Lara's project. Now, my mom uses Pinterest and other sites to look up new recipes, but she still decided to purchase this cookbook today. I was wondering if it is … Continue reading Cookbooks