Author: Matt

Reading the Cards

Hello! Here is a link to my final project. Thank you to Ariel and Susan for editing my project. Have a great holiday, everyone! READING THE CARDS Digital Reflection As always, there are many things I would do differently if it were possible to begin this project from the start! The number one thing I … Continue reading Reading the Cards


Final Post!

This has been an interesting course! I really enjoyed the theoretical material that we looked at early on in the course β€” Of Writing Machines and Scholar-Gipsies is the one that has stuck with me the most.Β  (Here’s a video of the automaton, in case anyone is interested!) The work on PDFs was also unexpectedly … Continue reading Final Post!

Week 9

I really like what Lisa Gitelman says about how the corporate roots of PDFs influence their functionality and reception. She says that they create hierarchical labour structures, where recipients of PDFs are encouraged to read without writing. I think that’s definitely true. Technically, it’s not difficult to highlight and annotate a PDF, but it doesn’t … Continue reading Week 9

I love talking about writing interfaces. NaNoWriMo starts today, and one of the things that comes up every single year is users begging each other not to waste all their time choosing the perfect writing tool.

I think there’s a lot of sense in that β€” if you’re not writing, it doesn’t matter what interface you’re … Continue reading

Sorry if I've posted this twice -- my computer was acting up a bit! Here is my outline. Here is what it looks like, visually. Digital Strategy I’ve chosen to present my project in Twine. Twine appeals to me because it’s a relatively simple way to produce a text with multiple, nonlinear, branching pathways. I … Continue reading