Author: susanibrown

Scratch games

Since we'll be trying out Scratch today in class, I thought I'd list a few games that I think are interesting. feminist hero is intriguing. I can't get very far because I'm lousy at platform games--can anyone finish it? A cute "serious" Scratch game on gender is Spectrum. Then there is Tintern Abbey First-Person Shooter … Continue reading Scratch games


Remixing Taroko Garage

Nick Montfort's Taroko Gorge has been extremely fertile in the number of remixes that it has inspired. You can read more about the remixes on Leonard Flores' I Love E-Poetry blog.  Which remix did you like best? I particularly enjoy Flores' own TransmoGrify which self-reflexively thematizes the remix process itself (as he discusses here). It is pretty easy … Continue reading Remixing Taroko Garage


Inklewriter is a platform for interactive fiction in the Choose Your Own Adventure Mode. They provide an example Sherlock Holmes story. They also have a digital edition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Check out the very short example called "Holography" by theorist of interactive fiction Emily Short. This review by her of the Inklewriter platform reflects on the … Continue reading Inklewriter


If you want a break from the heavier reading about e-lit, consider breaking for a Twine, which we'll be exploring tomorrow together in class. Twine has become a very accessible platform for creating interactive texts online--and as Adam Hammond notes, people tend to refer to such texts as games with players rather than texts with … Continue reading Twine