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Annotated Bibliography: Lost in Translation

AlBzoor, Baseel Ali. β€œSemantic and Pragmatic Failure in Translating Literary Texts: Translators’ Inconsistency And/or Textual Resistance.” Ph.D. Purdue University, 2011. ProQuest. Web. 23 Oct. 2015. *AlBzoor explores the various problems that arise when one considers the structural makeup of different languages, and the editorial and semantic choices a translator must make in order to produce … Continue reading Annotated Bibliography: Lost in Translation


Reading the Cards: Annotated Bibliography

Definitions Reader: The person who interprets the cards Querent: The person who asks a question for the reader to consult the deck aboutΒ  [A] Reading: The entire process of interpreting one or more cards for the querent, from the shuffling of the deck to explaining the meanings of the cards Spread: A specific combination of … Continue reading Reading the Cards: Annotated Bibliography

Food for Thought: Annotated Bibliography and Summary

Clee, Nicholas. "Bytes to eat: along with a staple diet of cookbooks, the net can provide all a foodie needs, writes Nicholas Clee." New Statesman 137.4894 (2008): 50.Β Web. < > Clee shares his friend’s prediction that cookbooks will soon become unnecessary, as people will be able to find any recipe on the Internet. He enhances … Continue reading Food for Thought: Annotated Bibliography and Summary

Annotated Bibliography: It’s a Man’s World…Or Is It? (Pseudonyms)

Cohen, Stephanie. β€œWhy women writers still take men’s names.” Wall Street Journal Asia (2012): W.4. ProQuest. Web. 21 Oct. 2015. <; Cohen explains in her article how pseudonyms can help authors gain a larger audience, with an emphasis on female writers seeking a wider male audience, because men β€œtend to favour male authors, according to … Continue reading Annotated Bibliography: It’s a Man’s World…Or Is It? (Pseudonyms)

Butter Archive #9: Annotated Bibliography

Works Cited and Referenced: Anthony, Jessica, and Rodrigo Corral. Chopsticks. Computer Software. Apple App Store. Vers. 1.0. Penguin Group, 2012. Web. < > The story of a teenage girl named Glory who is training to become a world class pianist and her relationship with Frank, a teenage boy who moves in next to her, while … Continue reading Butter Archive #9: Annotated Bibliography

Wanderlust: Annotated Bibliography & Summary

Works Cited: Akehurst, Gary. β€œUser Generated Content: The Use of Blogs for Tourism Organisations and Tourism Consumers.” Serv BusΒ 3 (2008): 51–61. Web. 18 Oct. 2015. <;. This article refers to the expansion of user generated content on the Internet, specifically travel blogs and their effect on the travel industry. This user generated content is deemed … Continue reading Wanderlust: Annotated Bibliography & Summary

Annotated bibliography guidelines

Here are some guidelines towards your annotated bibliographies and summaries. I'll create a new category called Bibliographies and you can tag them with that and Project Materials to keep them together. Also feel free to create a tag of your own to group your project materials together. Good luck with the research! Annotated bibliography guidelines