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Outline & Digital Strategy

[[Here's my outline.]] Digital Strategy I'm not particular sure what platform will best suit my project needs: I have hesitantly selected WordPress, but any 'blog page' like platform that supports video, gifs, images and significant amounts of text will do. Certainly, using WordPress feels like a cop-out. I'm tempted to use something that employs a … Continue reading Outline & Digital Strategy


Sorry if I've posted this twice -- my computer was acting up a bit! Here is my outline. Here is what it looks like, visually. Digital Strategy I’ve chosen to present my project in Twine. Twine appeals to me because it’s a relatively simple way to produce a text with multiple, nonlinear, branching pathways. I … Continue reading


Outlines can go up here (use the Outlines Category) or in the Dropbox in Courselink. Format doesn't matter, just legibility. Ditto with writing: feel free to use point form and don't worry about the grammar. Try to give some sense of the organization or structure of the component parts of your project; both how you … Continue reading Outlines