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Writing in the Digital Age simply a continuation of paper literature. Nothing that we have learned about storytelling has changed, as Naomi Alderman says in her Guardian article, everything that scholars have been researching and theorizing since stories became a 'thing' still applies. With that clarified, we can not dismiss new forms of literature for the simple reason that … Continue reading Writing in the Digital Age


commonplace books & the messy composition of self online

After reading Jose van Djick's very excellent breakdown of paper diaries and blogging, it strikes me that almost all of us participate in a kind of public blogging these days (buckle in for a bit of a stretch). What are Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, and Tumblr if not a kind of commonplace book? Capturing beloved articles, … Continue reading commonplace books & the messy composition of self online


If you want a break from the heavier reading about e-lit, consider breaking for a Twine, which we'll be exploring tomorrow together in class. Twine has become a very accessible platform for creating interactive texts online--and as Adam Hammond notes, people tend to refer to such texts as games with players rather than texts with … Continue reading Twine