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Lynda Barry: “Making Comics” course

Comic Lynda Barry has an open course, complete with an illustrated syllabus that is very cool. You get to the syllabusΒ by scrolling down Barry's site. There's an article about it in Open Culture.


More Video Games….

Here's my start on a list of more games and related things to explore, for those who are interested. As I noted, I asked a group of colleagues for feminist-oriented games, and this is the wonderful array of suggestionsΒ that resulted, slightly augmented by things that have come up as I've been exploring them. Descriptions are … Continue reading More Video Games….


I came home after class and saw that my mom purchased a new cookbook and I thought it was pretty relevant to our discussion of Lara's project. Now, my mom uses Pinterest and other sites to look up new recipes, but she still decided to purchase this cookbook today. I was wondering if it is … Continue reading Cookbooks

Butter Archive #14: The Effects of Having No Physicality

I've been thinking a lot about why IΒ haven't (and maybe why the world hasn't) taken interactive literature (like the ones we've been discussing) very seriously. As a super important preface, I don't mean that they aren't important or that they aren't taken seriously by certain circles, but instead why they haven't become very popular, why … Continue reading Butter Archive #14: The Effects of Having No Physicality